Inmate dies of rare fungal infection

Here at Correct Consultants, LLC we have a motto, " When a patient tells you they are in pain, believe them until a clinical assessment rules it out". In this story the patient told the nursing staff that he felt like something was "eating his brain". The medical staff did not believe him, even telling him he was lying. Turns out he was right. He had contracted a rare form of cranial meningitis which led to a fungal growth forming in his brain. Unfortunately, the medical staff did not believe him and did little to assist with his complaint. This is shameful and should never happen to anyone. Correctional Facilities depend on their medical vendor to render aid and support to the inmates in their custody, when the vendor fails to perform adequately under the terms of their contract, it places everyone in a state of absolute liability and the patient in harm's way.

Courtesy of (2017) Kansas City Star