Hepatitis C Outbreak in the Florida Prisons

Hepatitis C is incurable, but treatable is becoming a not to distant disease process for persons who are incarcerated in this United States. The State of Florida has allowed three (3) separate private vendors to come into their prisons and intentionally neglect those inmates who are suffering with this deadly disease. Incarceration poses both a significant barrier and threat to access healthcare for many people who are incarcerated, and citing elevated healthcare costs which are associated with the treatment of those individuals is no excuse to deny care. At some point those costs will be spent, so its just makes more sense to provide the necessary care and treatment for those who require it. Shame on those vendors who decided to be Judge and Jury against these patients in the State of Florida. At Correct Consultants we can help you develop better policies and treatment plans to care for your inmate population, specifically those who require treatment for both chronic and terminal disorders. Call us, that's what we do!

(Courtesy of Miami Herald, 2017 Mary Ellen Klas)