Every Facility Needs A Critical Response Team (CRT)

No matter what the size of your facility, there should be at all times a Critical Response Team (CRT) which can respond to the needs of the detainees in your care, custody and control. The response team should be comprised of both mental health and medical professionals. The team should have ongoing training and receive certifications which demonstrate both competency and qualifications. A CRT is essential when dealing with detainees who present with both chronic medical and mental health needs. I always tell the jail administrators that if they have officers who have a background in the military or paramedical training that they should be the first people interviewed for the CRT. Utilizing the backgrounds of your officers is paramount to how well the officer may respond in a crisis situation. Twenty-Six year old Marvin Scott, III was booked into the Collins County Jail on March 14, 2021, after he was charged with one count of misdemeanor possession of Marijuana. Who knew his arrest would prove to be a death sentence. Scott was diagnosed with Schizophrenia, and was perhaps suffering from a psychotic episode when he encountered deputies at the Collins County Jail. I applaud Sheriff Skinner for his swift action and starting the investigation immediately after the death of Mr. Scott, in doing so, Sheriff Skinner terminated seven of his deputies and allowed an eighth deputy to resign. I also applaud Sheriff Skinner for his transparency, often times jail administrators cover up deaths in their jail and conceal video which serve to assist the families in being able to determine what happened to their loved one while they were in the custody of the correctional officials. If Sheriff Skinner had implemented a CRT in his facility, they would have been trained to address Mr. Scott's issue and I am certain that his death could have been prevented. Addressing the needs of the mentally ill in corrections is a specialty for Correct Consultants, we work with renowned mental health experts who help us create and devise mental health treatment plans for detainees who require special care and treatment. Call Correct Consultants today and let us help you design your medical and mental health critical response teams today. Our initial 2 hour consultation is complimentary. ( Courtesy of Jacey Fortin, New York Times (2021)